Offspring sport results


First foal #1 Top Ten XFB Foals NA/WPN


Ohelo - Top Ten FB Yearling


Maile - (Ijsselmeer x Etoile)
 4th Tr. L NA/WPN Sport Awards and multiple
winner at Sport horse Breed Shows


Robijn - (Ijsselmeer x Hula Girl)
3rd Top Ten FB 2 yr. olds


Only USA based stallion with 2 Top Ten STB mares

Prudent - (Ijsselmeer x  TB mare)
#4 Top Ten NA/WPN

 #8 (tie) Top Ten NA/WPN

Olekele - (Ijsselmeer x Rouschka)
 Winning at 1st Level JR/YR


Molokai Molokini - (Ijsselmeer x Abolien)
 winning 2nd/3rd Level

Euro Pro Pacho - (Ijsselmeer x C. Quintessence)
#1 Open Training Level Sport Award NA/WPN


Euro Pro Pacho - (Ijsselmeer x C. Quintessence)
 USDF Region 7 1st Level Freestyle Champion & CDS HOY
1st Level Open and CDS Horse of the Year
#4 USDF All Breeds Award & #1 NA/WPN 1st Level Sport Award

Zuni Sunrijse
 Grand Champion Colt/Gelding USDF Mid States Breeding Championship

Romeo - (Ijsselmeer x Etoile)
 Winning Training Level

Oahu - (Ijsselmeer x Abolien)
Winning I1 and I2


Euro Pro Pacho - (Ijsselmeer x C. Quintessence)
2nd. L Freestyle USEF/USDF Horse of the Year (HOY) Champion, 2nd L Open USEF/USDF Horse of the Year Reseve Champion, 2nd L Freestyle USEF/USDF Reg 7 Champion.

Oahu - (Ijsselmeer x Abolien)
Showing Int-2, Grand Prix debut in 2006

Molokai Molokini - (Ijsselmeer x Abolien)
Winning 3rd Level Open






Euro pro Pacho - (Ijsselmeer x C. Quintessence)
2006: #1 3rd level Freestyle and #5 3rd level open USDF All Breeds Award

Reserve Champion USDF region 7 and CDS HOY Adult Amateur

Action Ace
3rd USDF Dressage sporthorse breeding yearlings


Showing Grand Prix.
3rd Int-II Open All Breeds Award

Action Ace -  Ijsselmeer x Promised (Wanroi)
4th USDF DSHB 2 yr. olds

Bodacious - Ijsselmeer x Jambalaya (Argus)
3rd USDF DSHB yearlings

Thaddeus - Ijsselmeer x High Society (Rubinstein)
Winning 1st level with scores in 70's


Maile – FEI Paralympics in Hong Kong:
Individual Gold Freestyle and Individual Silver (for Canada.)

Oahu – Grand Prix A/A: 1st KWPN-NA All Breeds Awards and 3rd USDF nationally.

Beaudacious – USDF DSHB 2 yr. old colts/geldings: 1st KWPN-NA All Breeds and 2nd  USDF nationally.

Thaddeus (Second Level) and Vedette (Training Level) winning with 70’s.

Roja – First Level Freestyle: 3rd KWPN-NA All Breeds Awards.


Serenade- Second Level A/A:  CDS Champion-Horse of the Year.

Roja – First Level Freestyle: 2nd KWPN-NA All Breeds Awards; 15th USDF nationally.

Euro Pro Pacho – Fourth Level-Open: 3rd KWPN-NA All Breeds; 9th USDF nationally.
Fourth Level Freestyle-Open: 12th USDF nationally.

Oahu (Grand Prix) and Rodeo (Int.-2) scoring mid-upper 60s.

Tiramisu, Thaddeus, Vedette, and Wyntersong winning with 70’s.


Maile – WEG Paralympics in KY:
74.5% Individual Freestyle (4th) and 69% team (4th) (for Canada.)

Ali’i (Ijsselmeer X Olinalani) –  Training Level Champion, USDF Region 5.

Euro Pro Pacho and Thaddeus winning PSG-Open.
Euro Pro Pacho – PSG-Open: 3rd KWPN-NA All Breeds Awards.

Roja – Second Level Freestyle: 2nd KWPN-NA All Breeds.
Second Level AA: 5th KWPN-NA All Breeds.